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Pocket combs and other pieces of plastic. 

Records are expensive to make. That was why we only pressed 100 copies of our first single, Woodsboro's Pocket Comb. Each record would be cheaper if we pressed more, but we just don't need that many. Honestly - fewer records pressed meant fewer records taking up space in the apartment. Woodsboro is not a touring band; not really even a "local" band. So we don't have too many venues to unload Pocket Comb. Normally record manufacturers will only press a minimum of 250 records, but we found a sympathetic record manufacturer who offered to press the 100 records as test pressings - no label art, no cover art. Deal. We decided that we could do the art ourselves. Each and every one handmade. Woodsboro's Pocket Comb and Void Boys' Starfish have unique art on every single cover. Kathryn Anne Davis's Makeup and Gum was screened in multiple color combinations. All jackets hand numbered, all vinyl limited pressings. Free downloads available.